Ophthalmic and Vitreoretinal Surgical Instruments

Light Pipes

Peregrine’s reputation was built on Fiber Optics.  For more than 20 years, Peregrine has produced light pipes to exacting standards, and small gauge surgery has created a challenge to which Peregrine has answered.  Extreme fiber manipulation has allowed Peregrine to meet shifting user needs in regards to probe output, standard or diffuse, in 20ga, 23ga, and 25ga


Through superior polishing and inspection criteria, Peregrine produces bright, high quality Light Pipes.

Wide Angle

Diffuse Light Pipes have become surgeons’ probe of choice, allowing wide angle illumination at all times.  Peregrine has created Wide Angle Illuminators, with several different tip configurations, allowing customers to choose which design best fits their needs. 

Specialty Light Pipes

For times when neither a Focal Probe nor Wide Angle Probe fits user needs, Peregrine has created Picks, Infusion Light Pipes, Multifunction Light Pipes and Chandelier Illuminators.