Ophthalmic and Vitreoretinal Surgical Instruments

Membrane Scrapers

“S.O.S.” Membrane Scrapers – Peregrine consistently provides safe, top quality instrumentation, and Membrane Scrapers are no exception.  Time was taken to develop the perfect combination of flexibility and graspability.  We offer flexible versions to accommodate all surgeon preferences in 20ga, 23ga and 25ga models.  

The name S.O.S. was no accident.  S.O.S. stands for “Sapphire Ocular Scraper” to emphasize Peregrine’s decision to use inert sapphire chips that have passed Maximization Sensitization and Intraocular Irritation tests. The name S.O.S. was chosen as an answer to surgeons’ call for “HELP” in regards to high priced scrapers on the market.